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Looking to Mindanao rural region

There is much in the Philippines that one can see in its countryside that makes it unique from other countries in the region. With a number of rural communities affected by poverty, malnutrition, and hunger, families who rely on farming have been affected. This is especially true in Mindanao, a province on the country’s southern island. The rural communities in Mindanao are very rural. More than 50% of the Philippines’ 100 million population live in rural areas, which means that they have little contact with other people and less chance for education and job opportunities. In Mindanao, poverty and malnutrition are rampant, with half of its citizens living below the poverty line. The government of Mindanao has tried to alleviate these problems through several agricultural programs. Agriculture Rural Programs in Mindanao For example, the government of Mindanao established a program called “Rural Development through Agriculture”. This program focuses on improving...